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Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Boredom Buster

Okay, summer break officially started on last Friday, and my oldest is already complaining of being bored!! Seriously?!

Does anyone have any cute projects or fun things to do for kiddos that are inexpensive and can be done quietly? I found one today on the Scrapbook Trends Blog. We made our own crayons! It was easy, resourceful, and lots of fun. This morning, we went through the boys' coloring box and picked out all the broken crayons. We peeled off all the paper, and then lined a metal muffin tin with cupcake liners. We broke the already broken crayons into little pieces, and the boys picked out what colors they wanted in their cupcake liners. Each boy got 3 liners since the muffin tin held 6 total.

First, we tried going "all-naturale" and letting the hot Texas sun melt our crayons out on the concrete on the back patio. The bottoms melted really well, but the tops still needed a little help, so we brought the muffin tin in and stuck it in the oven for a little while. Once everything was melted, we took the tin out and let everything solidfy once again. Then, we peeled off the cupcake liners, and voila! Our own rainbow crayons! The boys were sooo excited to see their creations.

I got out some old computer printer paper, strung it out all over the kitchen floor, and let them have at it with their "new" crayons. Fun, fun!

Here are the instructions as found on the Scrapbook Trends blog:

And here are the boys....still coloring! :)

We plan on making some of these in the winter using metal cookie cutters for shaped crayons. :) I'd love to hear your ideas on some more summertime boredom busters for the kiddos!


Michelle said...

I did this once... I use these silicon pans that are letters. Estee had it on her blog awhile back. I found a pack on sale of those plaster figurines for Ben and Brit to paint for a $1 the other day. Brit's last day is today... having not had any home work the last few days of school, she has already been complaining of being bored!!!! Going to be a long summer here!

Kel said...

* cones for them to ride their bikes around
* my boys love to punch shapes and then glue them on paper
* 5yr old can play simple computer games on PBS Kids and 3 yr watches (very quiet activity)
* cut die cut shapes off cricut and they color/decorate them