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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The ABCs of Me - Letter G

It's been quite a while since I did an "ABC's of Me" post, so here we go with letter G:

1. Grand Ole Opry: As mentioned before, I was a flute player from the 6th grade all the way through high school. When I was a sophomore in high school, our band traveled to Nashville, Tennessee for a concert competition. I was first chair flute player at the time, and one of our sheets of concert music contained a flute solo. So, I was able to play a solo on the Grand Ole Opry Stage. Pretty cool! I was sooooooooo nervous, but did just fine. I remember praying so hard that I didn't mess up...being on a BIG stage like that was so scary!

2. Green: If I had to pick a favorite color, I'm pretty sure it'd be green. I love all shades of green, really. My eyes are green too.

3. Grandmothers: I miss my grandmothers. Unfortunately, both of them passed away when I was pretty young. I would give anything for them to know my boys and get to enjoy having them as great-grandsons. I know my boys would love them. Before my mom's mom passed away, she and I became pretty close. I would go spend the night with her, and we'd play Skip-Bo and Solitaire late into the night while eating sandwiches and fresh green onions with a tall glass of milk. It's funny the random things you remember about people. My dad's mom passed on her vertically-challenged genes to me, apparently. And small feet...she had the tiniest feet! I think she wore a women's shoe size 4...I wear a 6 or 6 1/2...so, not quite as small as hers. I remember her always wearing elaborate jewelry and cute little tiny shoes...usually with some kind of wedge heel on them to make her taller. :) It wasn't until she passed away that we realized her ears weren't even pierced...she had been wearing clip-on earrings all that time! Another thing she passed on to me...my ears are not pierced. I feel like I really missed out on having that special grandmother-granddaughter bond with them since they passed away so soon. :(

4. Giordano's: Hands-down, the best pizza I've ever had! My girlfriends and I ate at Giordano's in Chicago on our first night during our trip in 2010. It was sooooo good!

5. Greg & Marcia Brady: Okay, so in high school, I had really long, straight hair and loved the whole "hippie" look. My husband and I were dating at this time, and he had quite the afro going on. So, for a Halloween dance, we dressed up as Greg & Marcia Brady. I wore my hair stick-straight and the front put back in little clips. I had on a "waitress" style dress, knee-high socks, and Mary Jane shoes. Hubby wore SKIN TIGHT bell bottom jeans (gross!) borrowed from my friend's grandfather, a button down shirt with a HUGE collar, and fro'd his hair up real big (back when he had hair..heheee). We won "Best Couple" at the dance and had to dance together in the middle of the dance floor by ourselves. It was so embarrassing! lol

6. Germ-X: You will never find me without a bottle of Germ-X nearby. Travel size bottles in my purse, huge pump size at home, a few bottles in my preschool classroom. I love this stuff. Especially at preschool..we use that stuff constantly! After we make a Wal-Mart trip or anywhere like that, we get in the car and immediately all bathe our hands in Germ-X. Germaphobe? Maybe.

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I was hoping to see the Halloween picture :)