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Friday, January 13, 2012

Does "Project Life" Intimidate You?

So, I've had these divided page protectors from We R Memory Keepers forever, but I've never really played with them until today. With all the Project Life stuff I've been seeing all over the Internet, it really made me want to get some pics and stories put into albums.

The task of Project Life had me feeling a little intimidated because:
A. I do NOT take a picture every single day (nor do I really have the desire to do so).
B. I'm so far behind on my scrapping that I really need to focus on scrapping pictures I've already taken instead of taking new photos just to make a PL album.

Don't get me wrong...PL is amazing and an awesome idea. I just needed to "tweak" it a little to fit my needs. ;)

I don't have the page protectors that everyone is using for their Project Life stuff, but I did have these that have divided 4x6 slots:

So, I had created this page of Evan at his 1st grade Dual Language Christmas program (he's in a program where he learns English related studies for a week then switches over to Spanish related studies for a week and alternates back and forth all school year). He was chosen out of all the students to lead the Dual Language program kids in reading "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in Spanish. He would read it in Spanish and then point at the other students with his little pointer, and they would read it back to him. This was SO cool to watch because this was his first year in the program, and he picked up Spanish like it was his native language! His teachers (and me!!) couldn't believe how quickly he picked up on the pronunciation of the Spanish language and how fluently he was able to read it. Anyway, here's the page I created:

But I had several other photos left of the same program, as well as a few papers, etc. I can't just throw photos away, but then again...I don't want to do 3-4 pages of the same Christmas program. So, I used the divided protectors and did this:

Back side:

Now, ALLLLLL of the pics from that event are scrapped and Evan's school album!!! WOOHOO!

I was able to include a Christmas note/card he had written to me in 1st grade, as well as a letter from Santa that he received. All I did was fold them up and stick them in one of the 4x6 slots. So easy! These pages were made in no time, and the best part....I used ONLY scraps and leftovers from other pages to create them! This is such a great way to use up all those leftovers. I will definitely be using my divided page protectors to get more pages put away! :)


My Beautiful World said...

What a great idea. Hope you have a lovely day my friend.

Always Wendy

Suzy said...

Love this! I just picked up some of these page protectors for my vacation albums where I have A TON of "the same" scenery pics. :)

Laurie! said...

I like using divided page protectors too, especially for vacation albums when I just have too many photos and want to get them scrapped faster.

Jojorenee said...

Soon as I get to the scrapbook store I was planning to pick up some of the divided pg protectors too! I am trying to get my neighbor to see the fascination of it all so we can do it as a team & get Moore done lol! TFS