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Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Time, No Blog!

Sorry for the absence in blogging lately....lots of things going on this month!

Today was my little man's 4th birthday!! I cannot believe he is 4 years old already. Four seems so....grown up. Three is still "toddler", but four is....well, four is just officially a BIG boy. :( We had his party this past Saturday at the local YMCA. He had a bounce house, trampolines, and gymnastics equipment to play on. We had a great turn out, and my living room floor is now a sea of new presents. He's having lots of fun, to say the least! ;)

This morning, my oldest had his 1st grade track meet. He competed in frisbee toss, long jump, 100 meter dash, and 400 meter relay. I don't know where this boy gets his speed, but he was AWESOME! He is sooo fast! We took Aaron out to a local pizza place for supper tonight, just to do something fun for his actual birthday. I swear, he grew overnight.

Hubby started a new job at Texas Funwear, a local screenprinting and embroidery place. He loves it because he is able to use more of his creative/artsy/design side instead of sitting behind a desk all day like he did at the Art Center. This change was quite a leap of faith for us, but we are believing that it will lead to bigger and better things for our family.

On top of all the changes and busyness going on, I lost my medical transcription job a couple weeks ago. Yeah....sucks. The lady that was contracting work out to me (and let me just add that I have worked for her for SEVEN years and always did everything that was asked of me) decided that she wanted to keep the account for herself and make some extra money for herself instead of contracting the work out to me, so she informed me that she "didn't need my help anymore." Nice, huh? No warning, no trying to help me get another account...just BAM....no more job because she wants to keep it for herself. I spent a good deal of time crying over this at first, but I realize that something better is going to come along. Not sure I want to work for someone like that anyway. I mean, I spent the last SEVEN years working for her and helping her hand in good quality work to doctors and clinics....and then she just drops this on me out of nowhere. So....anyone know of anyone needing an at-home medical transcriptionist??? sigh....

I managed to get a couple more Disney layouts done last week. The first one is based on a sketch from Sketch Inspiration. I'm also working on my projects for the reveal of The Scrap Room's June kit. I know I say it every time, but you do NOT want to miss out on purchasing the June kit...it's awesome! :)

Okay, enough rambling...my boys need to get in bed, and I have laundry to put in the dryer. I'll leave you with my two recent Disney layouts....hey, maybe not having a job now will open up some time for more scrapping??? Just trying to see a silver lining here, folks! ;)

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Michelle said...

Oh Jenny, I am sorry to hear about you losing your job!! You are right, you don't want to work for someone like that!! There is a reason for everything. And, I too, think there is something better for you around the corner!

Wow!! I can't believe Aaron is 4!!! It has been fun watching him grow thru your scrapbook pages. It really does go by so fast!!! My little one will be 4 in December! Eeek!!! Can we slow time down???

LOVE the pages!!!! We saw that same Peter when we were in DW last year too!!! Didn't get to see the Incredibles or any of the Cars from the Cars movie. Bummed about that. But, believe me if and when we go back, we won't be missing those! I just loved how well the characters interacted with the kids. It was just awesome. They really played their character well!!! We saw Capt. Hook first. I made our autograph book with an old Disney pack from CM. So there were plenty of character stickers. Cap. Hook drew mustaches on Peter and Tink. Then Peter had plenty of comments when he saw that, as did Tinkerbell. Was just fun!!!