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Saturday, January 5, 2013

How's the Weather?

Is it snowy where you are?  We had a tiny bit of snow fall on Christmas Day, but it wasn't even enough to stick.  Other than that, we haven't seen any of the white stuff! And that's just fine with me...not a big fan of cold weather. ;)

However, snow pictures are super fun to scrap, don't you think?  This photo is a few years old, but I finally got it scrapped.  I used the "Silver Valley" collection by SEI for this one:

I cut out the snow flakes from the patterned paper and popped them up with 3D glue dots. I also tore some of the paper behind the tree cut-out to make it look like a little snowy hill.

We're about to finish up Christmas Break and start back to school on Monday.  (BOO!)  I love having my boys home with me....I don't want to send them back to school. :(  We had to take my little guy to the pediatrician today, and yep...he tested positive for the flu.  However, it's at the end of its course, so we're hoping he will be over it soon.  He's done great today with no fever since around 3:00 this morning, so that's progress.  Hubby and I would sure love to get a full night's rest in tonight if possible.  Most importantly, I just want my little guy to feel all better and get the rest HE needs.

Hope you all are staying warm and flu-free!!


Michelle said...

Fun page!! I can always send you a few snow pics. ;) LOL It's a heat wave up here... a pitiful one, but I will take it. It's supposed to hit 32 for high. Sure beats that 10 above with a windchill that brings it to 0. My kids went back on Thurs. I didn't want to send them either. Can you believe the secretary at Ben's school said their holiday break was too long??? She's crazy! We don't have too many days off now through the end of the year. Spring break is two weeks later so they don't have to give us extra days off at Easter.

I hope Aaron is feeling better. Ben has had this nasty cold thing, running a fever on and off with a nasty cough and just not feeling good. So I can completely empathize with you.

Stacy said...

I hope Aaron feels better soon! Poor guy, but I am really hoping for a good night's rest for you!