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Friday, May 15, 2009

Haven't Posted in a While...

Nothing exciting happening, really....just life in general. Yesterday we all loaded up and headed out of town to *attempt* to trade in our car and get something else. No luck. We've decided to put our car up for sale by owner, so if any of you need a Chrysler Pacifica, let me know! :)

Let's see...Aaron's 3rd birthday is coming up faster than I can imagine! I cannot BELIEVE he is going to be 3 years old! Two is still a baby...but three.....well three is just big boy status. *sniff sniff He's going to have his bday at the Abilene Zoo this year. Mainly just family members attending, maybe a couple of friends, but it's going to be a lot of fun and he is so excited. He's so totally into puppets right now. Every year at Christmastime, Van brings in these two puppeteer guys that do a Christmas puppet/marionette show for all the kids. Well, Aaron has always loved this but has REALLY...and I mean REALLY...been loving puppets here lately. So when I ordered his birthday supplies from Oriental Trading, I couldn't resist buying a dozen animal hand puppets for him. I thought since his bday was at the zoo, that would be a cute gift to go with the "theme" anyway. Well, this morning I just couldn't help myself. I gave him one of the puppets. You should have seen his face light up!!! He squealed and giggled and just couldn't wait to put it on his little hand. It was a little chicken puppet, whom he has affectionately named "Mr. Chicky." hehehe, so cute! He's going to be so surprised when he gets to open up 11 more of those hand puppets for his birthday! (if I can keep them a secret until then)

Evan is still going strong in school. I cannot believe this school year is almost over already! He has loved Kindergarten, and I know that having a GREAT teacher has had a lot to do with that. He has thoroughly enjoyed it. I will have a first grader the next time school starts up.....that's right...a FIRST GRADER!!!!! With Kindergarten has come something I'm not so used to dealing with. You see, he's always been a pretty normal eater...eating a few meals a day, maybe a snack or two. But since he has started school, he has been eating everything in sight!! I keep asking him if he is eating his lunch at school, and he insists that he is, but I usually have to fix him two snacks when he gets home from school because the first one is never enough. He has been having seconds on almost every meal too. He's a growing boy, for sure! He's still skinny as a rail...but getting SO tall!

Other than that, Van and I are staying super busy with work, parenting, and church. Always something going on, it seems. I'm glad today is Friday....looking forward to the weekend of having no specific plans. :) Have a good one!

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