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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Festivities

It's been a busy weekend! December is in full swing with all the fun Christmas festivities going on. Yesterday evening, Van hosted the annual Christmas puppet/marionette show at the Fine Art Center. With Aaron being the puppet fanatic he is (thanks to the guys who do this show), there was no way we were gonna miss it! The guys were so nice and let Aaron come backstage, handle a few of their marionettes, and they even let him help them load everything up when the show was done. He talked their ears completely off, but they were so nice and answered all of his questions and gave him some great puppeteer advice. He just soaked it all up!

After the puppet show, Van stayed at the Art Center to help the puppet guys load up, and I took the boys to see the lighting of the downtown Christmas tree. Very pretty. :) It was too dang cold to bother with a really great picture, so this one was as good as it got:

After that, we headed to the church for movie night. We watched Joyeaux Noel...amazing story....just awesome.

This morning was our little town's Christmas parade. Nothing too big or exciting, but fun for the boys nevertheless. It was hard to get good pictures of them watching the parade without jumping out onto main street, right in the middle of the parade...but I did what I could. ;) Van's parents were able to meet up with us and stand with us to watch everything. The boys ended up with pocketfuls of candy, and Aaron even managed to somehow get a little cowboy hat. Okay, so I was the one who ran out in the street and grabbed the cowboy hat when they were throwing them to the kids, but I held Aaron's hand while I did that, so that counts...right? :)


ChelseaL said...

Oh Josh would love to play with those puppets!! He is puppet crazy!! You guys are such a beautiful family!!

mommyof5kidz said...

Absolutely it counts with the cowboy hat! LOL....your son was there with you....he can't go into the street alone after all! LOL

Michelle said...

How fun!! With Greg working such odd ball hours and having very little time home, we have missed some great activities here in our community. :( I am bummed, but what do you do?? Seemed like other things took priority. Love the pics. Glad that Aaron had a great time!! :)