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Hello! Welcome to my blog! I'm Jennifer, but most people call me Jenny. I'm a small town Texas girl, born again Christian, mommy to 2 beautiful boys, wife to my high school sweetheart, scrapbook supply junkie, and occasional paper sniffer. :) Here you will find bits and pieces of my scrapbooking projects, daily thoughts, and just general randomness. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thoughts on Turning 30.....

*It's not the end of the world.

*I cried today, yes, but it was not a "my-life-is-over" cry....more like a "thank you, God, for the 30 years of life you've given me" cry.

*I still feel 20.

*I'm a WAY better scrapper than I was when I first started seriously scrapbooking in 2001-ish! :)

*I have an older sister who has gone through turning 30 and will always go through the age changes before me, so that gives me comfort and encouragement...at her expense. LOL!

*The 20s were kinda lonely. God has brought new friends and relationships into my life recently, and I'm looking forward to where they will take me in my 30s.

*I'm going to start taking vitamins and try to be healthier. For real.

*Some day, I will look back and long for the day I was 30 again.

*You're never too old to wear a "Happy Birthday" pink princess tiara and an "It's my birthday" ribbon at lunch in a public restaurant (thank you, Aaron Hall!).

*I received a TON of birthday wishes on Facebook today from friends and family. Totally made my day. :)

*So I can't wear stuff that I wore in high school and in my pre-baby days....so what! Why the heck do I still have stuff that old in my closet anyway?!

*No dating scene, no pregnancies, no unsteady job. I have a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful healthy boys, and 2 good jobs. God has provided us with so much.

*I've only just begun.

*The best is yet to come.............


Michelle said...

I am so happy that you had a wonderful birthday, Jenny!! Wishing you many, many more!! :)

AmesOx said...

Jennifer, this is truely a beautiful post! I look back in my early 20's and thank God that I am far from where I used to be. Your outlook on hitting the 30 is inspirational, and I'm so glad that life is Great for you and your family!! Happy Birthday Girl!

Van said...

You go girl - what a great attitude. I love you more than you know!!!