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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scrapbooking through the Pain

Ever have one of those layouts that is painful to scrap? One that you find yourself tearing up over while you are putting it together or while you are writing the journaling? One that has pictures that make your heart ache? This one was one of those for me:

If we had only known that this was our last Christmas with both Uncle Rick and Great Grandaddy...we would have hugged just a little tighter. We would have taken just a few more pictures. We would have visited just a little while longer. We would have loved just a little more deeply. We would have cherished our time together just a little bit more.

In our hearts forever...
Virgil E. Moore, Jr. - 1930-2010
Richard Moore - 1955 - 2010

This was a rough year for my husband's side of the family. We lost both his uncle and his grandfather within months of each other. Looking back on these family pictures from last year's Christmas makes my heart ache, but at the same time they make me feel thankful. I'm glad I got these photos because they capture this side of the family so well. We always do one serious group shot and one silly group shot. The photo on the far right is the silly one. Grandaddy, sitting lovingly with his arm around Grandmamma, is waving at the camera. Makes me smile. :) But makes my eyes water too.

There will be two empty spots in the photos this year. Our family is no longer "complete." However, I'm so thankful my boys had the chance to know their great grandfather and great uncle. I hope that photos like these will remind them of the fun times we had with them.

This is why scrapbooking is so important to me. These little captured memories that may have otherwise never been. The documentation of moments with our loved ones that we are so blessed to have, for we never know when it will be our last captured memory with them.

Cherish your holidays and every day with your family and loved ones. Take their picture. Take lots of them. Take a big group shot with everyone one in it. Visit a little longer than you had planned. Hug them a little tighter when it comes time for everyone to leave. Tell them how much you love them, and teach your children about the importance of what it means to be FAMILY. Never take for granted the time you've been given with your loved ones. You never know when that time will be no more.


Kelly said...

Couldn't even read all of this due to the tears. I am so sorry for your loss and was immediately reminded of my own, the unexpected loss of my dad in 2005. Yep, I'd hug him a little tighter...

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

in the same boat here....trying to read through the tears was not easy, byt wow! what a wonderful wonderful layout and great journaling!

rmeyfe said...

Kudos for you for being able to scrap! I have some layouts that still have yet to make it to paper because I just am not ready yet. Great journaling! You are very inspirational!