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Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School! First Day of School!

It was the 1st day of school for my boys today. I'm one of those moms who usually comes home after drop-off and lies in the fetal position and cries for a while, but I held it together pretty well today. Only cried once...and it wasn't a full-on ugly cry...just a few tears as I read my email devotional today about moms taking their babies to school. It just hit home, I guess, and then the tears fell. But, I quickly dried them up and tried to stay busy so the time would pass quickly.

The day started off a little crazy...I set the alarm for a certain time, and the alarm went off, but someone had turned the volume all the way down, so we didn't hear it! Luckily, we woke up on our own not too long after what I had set the alarm for...so everyone got up and got ready without any complaining. :)

My youngest was SUPER excited about wearing his new shoes. He was dressed and ready to go, shoes and all, by the time I was still working on my makeup. LOL! He was determined that these new shoes of his made him run faster, so he ran from my room to his room several times to "try it out." Silly boy!

We took the usual "back-to-school" photos in the backyard, and everything was going great...until our dog decided she was super excited and jumped up on my oldest son, leaving muddy pawprints on his NEW shorts. Yeah...not cool. So, he quickly ran to his room and put on a different pair of shorts, put his shoes back on, and we all headed out.

After drop-off and choking back tears, I pulled back into our home's carport by myself. I didn't want to go into the deadly silent house yet, so I called my mom and asked if she wanted to go get some breakfast. I picked her up, and we had a nice breakfast together at McD's. Most importanly, I got my sweet tea. The day's always better when I get my sweet tea.

I came home and worked on a few scrapbook assignments, and before I knew it, it was time to pick up the boys! Aaron's teacher gave them all popsicles as they left today, so he sat in the car and ate his green popsicle while we drove to pick up Evan. Both boys said they had a great day! We came home, got a snack, and the boys got started on homework as I filled out 14,556,778,589,551 papers (okay, maybe not that many, but geez!).

The outfits are already laid out for tomorrow, and now the guys are at baseball practice. The house is quiet once again, so I guess I better go find something to make for supper before my hungry boys get home! :)


Michelle said...

oh My!!! Your baby isn't a baby anymore! Gosh, has Aaron grown up!!! Great first day photo. I hope the boys had a fun first day! I know that next Wed. will be a rough day for this mama with my sweet boy going off to kindy (all day! :( My girls' it was half day kindy.) Going to be a hard adjustment here. For me and him.

Jess Judkins said...

Love how they semi match!!! So great. Judah has a few years yet before he starts school but I get all choked up reading other mama's stories of first days just knowing that he will be in school in no time.