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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Pinterest-Inspired Valentine's Day

I {heart} Pinterest.  Seriously...what did we ever do without it?

I have tons of things pinned on my own Pinterest boards, but I've decided that it's time I actually start using these pins and trying out some new things!  With Valentine's Day coming up, it was the perfect excuse.

First on the list was my youngest son's Valentines for his classmates.  I made some personalized Halloween buckets back in October for some customers, but each bucket came with a little plastic shovel.  So, I kept all of the little shovels, thinking I could do something with them in the future maybe.  When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I knew it was meant to be!

So, I had multi-colored shovels and decided to use conversation hearts candy with them instead of red and white M&Ms...it just looked better:

The little tags say, "I dig you, Valentine! From: Aaron."  I made 30 of these bad boys in no time, and they were SO inexpensive!

Tonight, I had to come up with a little "treat" for the class party tomorrow.  One mom is already bringing cupcakes, so I knew cupcakes were out.  So, I headed to Pinterest and searched for some "trail mix" type of Valentine treat.  I pinned this:  Valentine Confetti.  And ended up with this, which I quickly bagged up into individual baggies so that we didn't eat it all! It was DELISH!

I made 1 batch with white chocolate candy melts and 1 batch with pink chocolate candy melts and then mixed both batches together to have a pink/white mix.  I also added in mini marshmallows and some "XOXO" candy sprinkles just to make it look more festive. Each child at the party will get their own bag of this, plus it made enough for me to put some into a cute little Valentine's tin to give to Aaron's teacher.

Pinterest to the rescue! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. :)

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