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Saturday, February 16, 2013

DIY Saturday

I have officially named today, "DIY Saturday."  I've been busy (with a little bit of hubby's help) doing some DIY projects around the house today, and I love how they turned out!

I have pinned some "gallery wall" ideas on Pinterest, and I've always wanted to create one of these in my own home.  We have a very little hallway, but at the end of the hallway is a blank wall between the boys' rooms.  I had some artwork and pictures on there, but they were getting old, and I knew I could make better use of that wall.

My first step was to gather up some things I already had and then make a Michael's trip to gather up other inexpensive things to go on my gallery wall.  Most of the things I bought were unfinished, so I was able to cover them with patterned scrapbook paper or paint them the colors I wanted.  Once I got everything home, I laid them all out on the floor and fiddled around with it all until I came up with an arrangement I liked.  Then, I painted and covered things with paper until I achieved the look I wanted.  After that was all dry, it was time to put everything up on the wall, and this is what I came up with:

Starting at the top left and moving across:
1)  Decorative white collage frame from Michael's - $14 but used a 40% off coupon.
2)  "The Moore Family" wooden sign - Awesome gift from a preschool parent of one of my students!
3)  Wooden star - Michael's (this is a wooden blank star that I got last season, can't seem to find them now...but I covered it with different scrapbook papers to match my decor). I Mod Podge'd over all of it to seal it.
4)  Black wooden frame - Michael's, just painted it black and added my photo. So easy!
5)  Metal cross - I have had this cross FOREVER, but it was a grey color...I spray painted it glossy white and love how it looks! I think it helps to balance out all the white in my collage. :)
6)  "Love" and hearts canvas - I made this a LONG time ago for a craft site that my sisters and I sell things on. It never sold, so I kept it for myself.  Glad I did, because it's made with the same papers I used for my star, so it all coordinates very well.  It's just a little canvas that I painted grey, added some punched hearts and letter stickers, and then Mod Podge'd over the whole thing.
7)  Polka dot small frame - Again, this was a blank wooden frame from Michael's.  I just painted the edges (outside and inside) white and then Mod Podge'd some scrapbook paper over it.
8)  Chevron Letter M - My favorite piece of this gallery wall! :)  I found the white blank letter at Michael's and then used my Silhouette machine to cut a chevron pattern out of contact paper.  I then used the contact paper as a stencil on my letter M and painted it grey.  When I pulled up the contact paper (after the paint had dried), I was left with this chevron design.  Love it!
9)  "What I Love Most About My Home" frame - Another blank wooden Michael's frame! I think it was around $7-8.  I printed out a free printable I found on Pinterest and put it inside the frame after painting the outside of the frame turquoise.

And this is my view as you look down my little hallway:

I've got 1 matted collage frame on the left side and 1 big cross on the right side of the hallway. I may do something different with those later, but for now they will stay.

I'm really hoping my boys don't throw a baseball and knock down something off my wall, but hey...it was so much fun to make this, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment since almost everything on this wall has my own personal touch on it! :)  And if something does happen to get knocked off the wall, at least I know I've got it in me to create something else similar.  Ha!

I also repainted the mirror with hooks by our front door. We use this to hang jackets and backpacks on.  It was a blonde wood color, but I was in love with the white glossy paint that I used on my cross, so I used it to redo the mirror too.  Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday!

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Laurie! said...

That looks great!! Good job!