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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Riddance, February!

Oh February....you're the shortest month of the year, but you were also one of the craziest months we've had in quite some time.  It was expensive and tiresome, to say the least.

Let's take a look at what February brought us, shall we?:

1.  As hubby and the boys were driving home one night (in my Toyota 4Runner, mind you) during one of our infamous West Texas wind storms, a shopping cart from a local grocery store came speeding down the road out of nowhere.  Hubby didn't see it in time and hit it, crushing in my front bumper and grill.  Thank God no one was hurt, but we got an estimate to repair the damage, and it was $700. OUCH.  Not cool.  Thankfully, our insurance covered all but $250, but still....that was $250 that we were not prepared to spend this month. 

2.  We got the ER visit bill in from when I took my oldest son to our ER at the end of January to check on his hand, which he had hurt at school. We thought he may have broken some bones, so we got x-rays.  Now...I'm not gonna go all political on you, but let me just say...the healthcare system in this country is MESSED UP.  We spent 2 hours in the ER and got 3 x-rays.  When we first got there, it was our first visit to our little county ER, so we had to go through all the new patient paperwork, etc.  The nurse was incredibly RUDE, and the poor older lady taking our insurance info and paperwork didn't have much of a clue.  She asked for my insurance, made a copy of it on her copy machine, commented about how colorful our insurance card was (taking her sweet time the whole time my kid is in PAIN)....During our 2 hours in the ER room, not one nurse or any kind of staff came in to check on us and see if my son was okay.  Toward the end of our visit, an ER doctor came in for less than 2 full minutes, I kid you not.  He simply said, "Well...I don't see anything on the x-rays. We'll get your paperwork ready for you to be discharged."  That's it.  Didn't ask if we had any questions, didn't give any discharge instructions, didn't talk to us about ANYTHING...said those two sentences and walked out.  Fast forward to this month.  This ER doctor sends us a bill for $363 for saying those 2 sentences to us.  And this wasn't the bill from the ER, it was just a bill from this doctor.  The ER bill was close to $650, because guess what? The little old lady taking our paperwork didn't enter any of our insurance info into the computer.  So when we got the bill, it said we had no insurance and had to pay the whole amount ourselves.  WHAT?!!!  She went on and on about how colorful our insurance card was and how most of them are just black and white, yadda yadda yadda....but she didn't include any of that info into our paperwork?  Wow.  So, long story short...we had a massive hospital bill that we had to call and get the run-around about because someone didn't do her job right.  And, like I said - not gonna get on a political soapbox here - but why in the WORLD is healthcare so flippin expensive?!  For someone to come say 2 sentences to us and get
$363 for it...it just blows my mind!

But wait...there's more.....

3.  My Gateway computer that I JUST BOUGHT in November suddenly decided to die.  Ever since I had bought the computer, I would put it to "sleep" at night and would notice in the morning sometimes that it would just completely turn itself off.  No warning or anything...just off.  I thought, "Okay, whatever...maybe it just does that since it's been on so long or something."   So when I tried to turn it back on one morning and discovered that it wouldn't come on at all without a "BOOT DISK" error...I knew I was in deep doo.  We have a PC genius friend who we got to look at it and try to figure out what went wrong, but it even stumped him.  Yeah...we stumped a PC genius.  I'm telling you....that's the kind of month it's been around here.  So, we had to pay to ship my computer to Gateway, and now we're playing the waiting game to see if they can fix it.  Hopefully, the 1-year warranty will cover any expense, seeing as though I've only had it for a few months.  Ugh.

4.  As if car #1 problem wasn't enough, hubby's 2002 Hyundai Elantra decided to start overheating even when he would just drive a few blocks to work and back.  This car is paid for, so it's nice only having one car payment, but...that was all about to come to an end.  We took it to the car shop, and they informed us that he had a blown head gasket.  Only $900+ to order and fix it.  Are you kidding me?!  So, after talking with several people, they advised us to hurry and trade in the car while we still could, or we would probably just have to sell it for parts.  We only have 2 little car dealerships here in this tiny town, so we had to go to a big city an hour away to try to find something else he could drive.  We took a HUGE risk by driving this car an hour away because frankly, we didn't know if it would make it or not.  We had to stop halfway and let it rest/cool off before continuing on the trip.  It got REALLLLLY close to overheating a few times, but by the grace of God, we made it.  I followed hubby in my 4Runner just in case we got stranded somewhere.  So, last Saturday we drove around (with our 2 boys, keep in mind) to every car lot in the hour-away city to try to find something.  Hubby was dead-set on a small truck because we are always needing a truck for something, and let's face it...if we're gonna have another car payment anyway, we might as well get what we want/need, right?  It was exhausting hauling the boys around to truck shop, but they tried to be good at least.  We finally found something we wanted, and thankfully they would take hubby's car as a trade-in, so that helped.  After what felt like HOURS of signing our lives away in the dealership, we finally walked out with a 2011 Nissan Titan.  It's awesome...but oye...all I see right now is another payment.

5.  Winter finally came to Texas, and so we quickly noticed when our central heat wasn't working.  Air was coming on and blowing, but there was no hot air.  Lovely.  Turns out, it was just a little rusted something that needed to be cleaned off and put back on, and then it worked fine.  THANK GOD.  I really couldn't handle another expense at this point.  Seriously.

6.  While trying to leave for church last Sunday, one of the boys used too much toilet paper and then flushed the toilet, and then the next boy came along and used the toilet right after that...causing it to clog up and overflow.  Yeah. Right as I was trying to get them in the car to leave.  I called hubby in a panic (he goes to church before we do because he leads music) and told him to come home IMMEDIATELY.  I didn't know what to do, how to make it stop, and there was already a huge mess all over the bathroom floor.  This was literally like 10 minutes before church was supposed to start, and hubby HAD to be back in time for it to start...so we just pretty much threw down some towels and left.  After church, we came home and hubby went to work on the toilet.  And to spare you gross details, I'll just describe it this way...it was "full," if you know what I mean....with stuff in the toilet and all over the floor.  Disgusting.  After hubby fixed the toilet and got it unclogged and flushable again, I got the awesome joy of being on clean-up duty.  How is this the bathroom that I NEVER use, but yet I got to clean it all up?  Anyway....I spent probably 2-3 hours in there, bleaching, disinfecting, scrubbing, rescrubbing, sanitizing, cursing under my breath, and hoping that I never had to clean up a mess like this again.  And when I was done cleaning the bathroom, I got to start on washing, drying, folding, and putting up all the towels that we had used on the floor.  Not a day I would want to repeat...like, ever.

So you see, I'm so over February.  So glad it's over.  March has GOT to be a better month....right?  RIGHT?!  Oh please, oh please be better to us, March.....


Michelle said...

You have had quite the month!!! I hope March is better to you. We have had a few hiccups this month too, so I can empathize. Tomorrow is a new day, and a new month. :) Oh and as for the overflowing toilet, you should have a shut off valve either in the floor or in the wall near the floor that goes up into the tank. If it overflows again, just shut the water off. At least you won't have water all over the floor. After 25 yrs of raising kids, we have had plenty of overflown toilets my day. :) (and years of being by myself with kids)

rmeyfe said...

I'm sorry you had that kind of month. That's how January was for us. It was one thing after another and it just didn't seem like it would stop. Hope March can be nice for everyone and spring will be right around the corner!! :)

Laurie! said...

Sounds like you had quite an eventful February. I hope your March goes better and that you have more time to make scrappy goodies instead of cleaning up poo from the bathroom floor!!

At least it all happened at once - I think you're good for a LONG while.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenny, it sounds like you have had a horrible month! At least it is March, and you have such a positive outlook! Hugs!!

Elisabeth B said...

Goodness! What a month!!! I cannot believe it. The shopping cart is incredible....
Well, bring on March with many better days!!!!

Maria dolores Lopez godoy said...

Wow your blog is very interesting and beautiful, congratulations and kisses from Spain.


Amy Staudte said...

dang... hope things get better for you