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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

National Scrapbook Day 2011

Soooooo....who has big plans for National Scrapbook Day this weekend???

I'm not gonna lie....I'm a little nervous. My sister somehow got us roped into TEACHING a couple of classes each at a scrapbook store a couple of hours away. Okay:
1. Neither one of us have ever taught scrapbooking classes before.
2. Neither one of us has even BEEN to a scrapbooking class before!
3. Neither one of us has ever been to an overnight crop, much less a 2-night, 3-day crop.

Oh well, it'll be fun right? Right???

I really don't know what to expect, but I'm kinda just trying not to think about it. I'm an over-analyzer...big-time....and if I start with the over-analyzing right now, I'll be a hot mess by this weekend. So...I'm just gonna let go of any ideas or expectations and just go with it. (sure, I say that now, but you watch...I'll be up all night the night before we leave, trying to write cue cards and outlines for the classes I'm teaching! ha!)

So this brings me to a whole other set of questions/advice needed:
How do YOU pack for a big weekend crop?
Do you make up little page kits?
Do you just throw everything into your crop tote and go?
Do you carefully select the things you will take/will leave at home?
What about alphas....how do you know which ones/colors to take?
Do you buy a lot while you are there, or do you try to stick only to what you brought with you?
Is it weird feeling kinda like an "outsider" and newbie in the group of friends who always crop together?
Do you get much done at crops, or do you tend to socialize more than scrap?
How many completed pages/projects on average do you walk away with after a big crop?
What fun things have class teachers done in the past to make the class more interesting?

Now, see....here I was saying I wasn't going to worry about it, and those questions just came flying out. Sorry! I would love to hear your thoughts, though. :)

Whatever your plans are this weekend, I hope you have a very Happy NSD and an especially Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there!!


Kelly said...

My one possbibly unique tip is that I take post-its notes to add to unfinished LO's so I knwo what I had in mind at the time b/c it could be months before I am able to work on them again... usually it is about the journaling or a title that I cut once back at home on the cricut.

I lean towards making page kits so I know that I have the cardstock to match the pattern paper that goes with a set of photos....I am a serious little worker bee at a crop.... give me some starbucks and let me go!

Gab said...

Oh I'd love to be able to take a class from you Jenny. Maybe you should take some of your albums along so that people can see your fantastic style. I also would try to get some photos and page kits together ... or just take your laptop and edit some photos!

Jennifer Vinson said...

I usually make up about 50 page kits. I include not just paper but whatever embellishments or letters that I plan to use on that page. I find that if I work on a theme, like the past 3 years of christmas or baseball, then I don't have to take as much random stuff. Plus, I am able to get so much more done if I am organized.

I like to take breaks and see what everyone else is working on, but I am pretty focused. Games are always fun too!

Relax, I know you will do GREAT!