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Saturday, March 21, 2009

1 hour, 4 minutes, 16 seconds...

That's how long I was on the phone with a Disney World representative this morning. Yeah....1 hour, 4 minutes, and 16 seconds. I woke up at 6 a.m. on the dot to call and make our advanced dining reservations for vacation this summer since we are now 90 days away from our trip. I sat on hold for probably about the first WHOLE HOUR while waiting for a rep to take my call....and the whole time I was on hold, they were playing Disney music. I set my phone on speaker phone while I talked with hubby for a while...wrote some things down...picked out my clothes for the day and got them ironed...and took a shower. Yes, I took a shower while I was on hold...and I got completely done and dressed by the time they FINALLY picked up the phone. Ugh. How annoying. But, it turned out well because I was able to get reservations at every place we wanted to eat, and they were able to sign us up for the exact times we wanted the reservations to be...so, it turned out great, but man...waiting that long on hold is absurd (not to mention the music kinda made me wanna pull my hair out strand by strand).


lisa said...

Wow, that is a Looong time to be on hold!! CRAZY! Glad you got all the times/places you wanted though Ms. Planner!! :)

Rosemary said...

Ummmm...I just realized you had a question for me about disney..duh, sorry..

Ok, I just told Joe about your post and we both just shook our heads. That is so uncall for!! And they wonder why people are questioning the magic..However..I am soooo glad you got what you wanted..Whahoo!!!

erin said...

That is ridiculous! I would think Disney would have that issue ironed out! But, I am glad you got your reservations and such all lined up! Oh and if you think you were sick of the Disney music on hold, just think of how you will feel when you are there. lol! j/k!

Paper Doll said...

In a couple of months, you won't even remember:)
(Easy for me to say, huh?) Thanks for all you do:) I love you.

Lindsay said...

Ugh is right, Jenny! But so glad you got what you wanted! Hope the yard sale went well and that it was worth it! I did the same this weekend and made a LOT more than I thought I would - woo hoo! LOVE the new blog - it looks great! :)