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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol

So I just watched tonight's episode. Some pretty good performances, but I still have my favorites. Who do you think is going home? Here are my picks for bottom 3:

Megan Joy - She bugs the crud outta me!!! I don't know exactly what it is....maybe the way she never changes emotion, only has that silly grin on her face the whole time she sings? or maybe her annoying little twisty dance during all of her songs? or maybe it's the way she over pronounces her words, trying to sound all jazzy and stuff? I don't know...but she is #1 on my list of "They-need-to-leave-NOW" contestants.

Michael Sarver - Sorry, Sarver...it's time for you to go. He just doesn't compare to the other guys in the competition. Have you noticed that weird mouth thing he does too? Ugh, so annoying!

And last but not least,

Anoop Desai: Anoop Dawg, you need a personality!! Seriously, I am so bored with you. So his song wasn't too bad tonight, but there's just no originality there whatsoever. And does he put chapstick under his nose before he sings, or is that SWEAT? Ewwwwwwww.

So there they are, my pick for bottom 3. I wouldn't be sad to see any of those 3 gone. Danny's still my man. :) Adam rocked tonight too...thank GOD he took off that ugly nail polish! Allison...that girl is AMAZING to be only 16 years old. She acts like a professional already and reminds me a lot of Kelly Clarkson, whom I love. So....we'll see tomorrow night I guess! Thoughts?

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