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Monday, March 23, 2009

T-Ball Time!

Evan's first T-ball practice was tonight! Van is coaching this year, and we have a great little team, the Cubs. Several of Evan's friends in his class at school are on his team, as well as his cousin Austin...so that's really neat and going to be lots of fun. It was SOOO windy today, but the boys did great. Aaron had fun running around and spinning in circles while saying, "Whoa, I get bizzy!" It's so cute how he thinks he's just as big as all the other kids! :) We have practice again tomorrow night...hopefully it won't be so windy.

I just recorded Little People, Big World and Jon & Kate Plus Eight on my DVR...gonna get the boys in bed so I can watch it without interruptions. Good night!


Rosemary said...

How cute!!..Have fun everyone!!..and don't forget that camera!!

Paper Doll said...

Oh, she has already been taking pictures, Roe! The boys were so cute. This should be interesting:)

Rita said...

Aww Jenny, I can't wait to see those t-ball photos. Our ball team is the cubs too!