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Hello! Welcome to my blog! I'm Jennifer, but most people call me Jenny. I'm a small town Texas girl, born again Christian, mommy to 2 beautiful boys, wife to my high school sweetheart, scrapbook supply junkie, and occasional paper sniffer. :) Here you will find bits and pieces of my scrapbooking projects, daily thoughts, and just general randomness. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter Blahs....

We usually don't have much of a winter here in Texas. Sure, it gets cold and ices over a couple of times, but nothing much more. It's snowed several times this winter already, which is pretty unusual for us....and it just seems like this winter is d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g on forever. I guess that's why lately, I've been feeling some "winter blahs." Not necessarily sad...not angry....not bored.....just blah. You know the feeling; unmotivated, tired, lazy, bad case of the "I don't want to's," just wanna curl back up and go to bed. That's me.

Just when I think the weather is getting nicer (60° today), we are expecting a cold front and more snow - yes, more snow - on Tuesday. Yuck. Stupid groundhog.

So ready for Spring to get here. I need to do some MAJOR spring cleaning, but first...I must shake these blahs so that I can find the motivation to do so. Sigh.....


Michelle said...

Hang in there, Jenny. Spring for you will be there before you know it!! Alot sooner for you than for me up here in WI. I have the blahs too.. very, very unmotiviated; and also have some serious spring cleaning to do. Maybe we can motivate each other! :) Would be nice to get alot of that cleaning out of the way before the really nice weather gets here! :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Jenny, Sorry you are feeling blah. :( That is such a frustrating state to be in and very common for this time of year. I'm in Canada where we usually still get the odd snow storm in April. :( This winter we are having mild weather and are very grateful for it. I too have lots of spring cleaning to do and yet never seem to get that springtime energy until the nice weather. It would make so much more sense to do this cleaning when there isn't much outside to miss out on. But... this never happens. Hope you start feeling energetic very soon. Maybe scrap some fun spring LO's with springtime paper!! :) Remember, "Think Spring!!" :)