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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Disney Vacation - Day 6

Don't worry, I'm almost done with the Disney recaps! :)

Okay, so Day 6 was back at Hollywood Studios. We saw Quincy from Little Einsteins in the character spot, so of course we had to stop and get autographs and pics. Next, we stopped for pics and autographs from Mr. and Mrs. Incredible! I love this movie, and meeting them was sooo cool (even for me and Trisha, as you can see in the picture LOL)!

We waited in line to see the characters from the new Disney/Pixar movie "Up" (great movie, btw), but the line was really long and slow-moving and we had dining reservations for lunch. So, we left the line and headed to Play 'N Dine at Hollywood & Vine. Here, we had a wonderful buffet lunch and met JoJo & Goliath from JoJo's Circus and June & Leo from Little Einsteins. They had several times during the lunch where the characters would get together and sing and dance, and the kids loved joining in on that..especially Aaron! He loved dancing with Goliath. :)

So we were in character search mode this day and found Lightning McQueen and Mater under a garage...so more pics! Next, we found some Monsters, Inc. characters...but just as we arrived, Mike Wazowski was leaving (darnit!), so we had to get our pics made with Sully. His hands were too big to hold a pen, so he didn't do autographs. Everyone went back to Pizza Planet to play in the nice, air conditioned arcade while I took Aaron back to see the Muppet Vision 3D show since he was throwing a fit to see it again. So, he and I watched the show (again) and then met back up with everyone at Pizza Planet.

Next, it was time for the afternoon parade.....Block Party Bash! This was a CUTE parade with all of our favorite Disney/Pixar characters! It was blazing hot, but somehow we managed to suffer through the heat to watch the parade. Aaron stood on the side of the street and waved at every single character that went by...hehehe. Evan really loved seeing these characters...his favorites! :) Next, we went back to see the Up characters, hoping the line/wait would be better. No luck. Van and Trisha got in line to hold our spot, and Sam and I took the kids around the building to play with the different centers they had set up. While heading to one center, we noticed that Frozone from The Incredibles was in another character spot, so we took the kids to get pics and autographs from him. Trisha and Van ended up waiting over an HOUR in line, but we finally got the kids in to see the characters from Up. Mr. Fredrickson was SO sweet to Aaron! He played around with him while the other kids were getting autographs from the other characters...held his hands and danced with him, hugged him, etc. SOOO sweet! So we finally got their pics and autographs, and the kids were super happy about that since we had just gone to the movies and watched this a few weeks ago.

Aaron had been asking ALLLL day to meet Woody from Toy Story. So, we found out where Buzz and Woody were and went to meet them. They had a cute little scenes from the movie set up in the waiting line, so we snapped away. Then, we finally got to meet them! Aaron was on Cloud 9 and shook Woody's hand so that he officially got to "meet" him. LOL Lots of characters on this day, but it was so fun!

Next, Brooklyn and Van went to ride the Rockin' Roller Coaster while the rest of us headed to the bus stop to go back to the hotel. It was just too hot to do anything else. That night, Trisha and I got to meet a friend of ours from Have Your Way With Paper! Karen graciously drove out of her way and came to meet up with us. She was just how I pictured her to be...lots of fun and easy to talk to! :) It's so fun to meet up with our friends from HYWWP!

To see pics from Day 6, please CLICK HERE.

Just a couple more days to blog about, and then I'll be done with the Disney reviews! Thanks for hanging in there! LOL


Rosemary said...

Jenny, it is so fun reading your journaling and seeing the smiles on the kids faces!!..

erin said...

Fun that you got to meet up with Karen!!!