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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Disney Vacation - Day 8 - LAST DAY!

Whew, what a vacation! I'm glad I got everything into words, but seriously...I'm tired of blogging about Disney! LOL

So our last morning, we decided to take our time packing up and getting things ready for the trip home instead of going to a park again. We had a leisurely morning of packing up and getting everything out of the room. Trisha and I got to meet up with our sweet dear friend, Roe, in the Pop Century cafeteria. Our families got to sit down and eat lunch with her while we visited. It was so great to see her again! The guys took the kids to the arcade after we ate, and Trisha and I sat and chatted with Roe. She uploaded this pic of us when she got home:

So after hugging Roe goodbye, we went to board The Magical Express to take us back to the airport. Everyone waved goodbye to the resort, and away we went. Kinda bittersweet. I loved our vacation and had a blast, but I was ready to get home and get back to normal too. We got to the airport just fine, and the first thing we did was buy a Dr. Pepper. Disney has only Coke products, and we needed Dr. Pepper! Our plane was running behind schedule, so we had to wait longer than expected for that. Finally got all boarded and seated...then the pilot announces we have to switch planes because that plane's autopilot wasn't working. I didn't complain because we had just finished praying over our trip home and over our plane, and then the announcement was made. God was watching over us and prevented us from anything dangerous by making us switch planes!

So, we finally got boarded on the other plane and then headed home. As soon as we lifted off, Aaron fell asleep in my lap. Bless his heart...he had been SUCH a trooper throughout the whole trip. The days at Disney totally messed up his normal nap schedule, but he did so good about hanging in there and going with the flow. Evan was tired too and started feeling a little airsick again, so he went to sleep in Van's lap. The boys slept the whole way home...it was a nice, quiet, peaceful flight. I put in my headphones and listened to music most of the time...tried to get some rest, but I couldn't sleep sitting up. Everyone did much better on the flight home...almost all of us took some Dramamine, that helped a lot.

We landed in Dallas and found our luggage. Took the shuttle back to the hotel, got our cars and everything loaded up, and then headed home! We stopped at a Taco Cabana on the way home to eat supper...never been there before, but it was very good. It was a very long ride home, but we made it safe and sound. As soon as we got home, we went straight to bed....didn't even unload the car....we were too exhausted. Why is it that I always need a vacation after my vacation?????

This was a trip of a lifetime, and so many fun memories were made. I will never forget it, and that's why I wrote down all the little details in my blog...because I don't want my boys to forget any of it either. Someday, they will be able to look back at this blog and read everything I wrote and remember this fun time we had together as a family. I love going places and exploring the world with them. Every smile from them made it all worthwhile.

Disney World is somewhere I always promised myself I'd take my own kids to whenever I had them....and we are so blessed that we got to do this. It's just one of those places that you have to go at least once in your lifetime....especially if you have children. It's worth every penny.


erin said...

I am so glad that you were able to make your dream come true. Good for you for documenting everything! The boys will cherish it!

Trisha said...

Aww:) That's a good picture. I've really enjoyed reminiscing over our trip through your journaling.