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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Disney Vacation - Day 7

Just now being able to come back and blog about our vacation! Haven't had much extra time for blogging lately, but here we go to Day 7...

Back to Magic Kingdom! First stop was to put the boys in front of the castle with their Mickey ears on for some pics! :) Next up, we headed to the Swiss Family Treehouse. This thing was massive and oh so cool! Lots of climbing (and it was already getting super hot and humid), so we were all nice and sweaty after that...but the kids had fun exploring the tree house of their dreams. They wondered if Poppy (my dad) could make them one like this for out at his land....

Next up was The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. I took the kids on this ride by myself. Van wanted to take pics, and Trisha and Sam didn't want to spin....so that left me. I was up for it. As you can tell by the pics, Aaron was more than ready. He had his hands up and was ready to go! LOL It's hard to catch a good picture when you're flying by so fast, but we managed to get some decent ones.

We went to The Enchanted Tiki Room next. Didn't really have this one "on the list" to do, but we were burning up and needed somewhere indoor to cool off, so that's where we went. Aaron loved it because it was all animatronic puppets doing a show and singing....I thought it was kinda boring. But, it had air conditioning.

Next was The Jungle Cruise. This was really neat! Our cruise guide was HILARIOUS and had so many corny but funny puns and jokes. She was really great at her job. We got to cruise behind a waterfall and see some cool electronic animals while floating around in our tour boat. Overall, it was very enjoyable and fun.

We saw Captain Hook when we got off the ride, so of course we had to go get his autograph and some pictures! :) We went to a little pirate-themed gift store next. The boys had fun playing with the fake hook hands, and Austin ended up buying a Cpt. Jack hat and wig and a pirate sword.

When we left the store, there was a pirate out in the streets roping off a section, so we stuck around to see what it was. Before we knew it, Captain Jack Sparrow himself came out, and these two pirates put on a little show for us! I was just amazed at how much this "Captain Jack" looked like Johnny Depp! I mean, they could not have found a closer match!! These guys had the accent down, the swagger, the look, the everything....they were SOOO good! Towards the end of the show, they picked out a few kids in the crowd to come up and learn how to sword fight a pirate. Brooklyn was the first pick...and the only girl picked, may I add! She was in heaven! (I was secretly hoping Cpt. Jack would pick me...but ya know...) Anyway, she got to sword fight with Cpt. Jack, and that was super cool. I filmed it on our video camera. Then, all of the kids who wanted to got to come up and take an official "Pirate Oath" and received little rolled up contracts that stated that were officially pirates now. Aaron didn't really understand what that was....but he wanted to be up there with all the big kids and get that little piece of rolled up paper! LOL

We had lunch reservations at The Crystal Palace next. What a beautiful place! Here, we met Tigger, Pooh, and Piglet. Tigger rubbed noses with Aaron, and I swear Aaron did not stop smiling throughout that entire lunch! The food here was very yummy! Buffet style...everything you can imagine pretty much. DELICIOUS desserts! I had a piece of Boston creme pie that was gigantic...and oh so good! Winnie the Pooh is my mom's favorite character, so we got a pic taken with him while Brookie held a sign that read "Hi Granny!" on it....just for her. :)

Next, we were going to watch The Country Bear Jamboree, but Trisha and her family left to do something else, and we got tired of waiting....so we decided to take the raft and go visit Tom Sawyer's Island. This was set up just how you think it would look based on the book. Very cool. There was a cave that "Injun Joe" was supposedly living in, a fun barrel bridge that was hard to walk on, a big windmill, and a play area. Don't get me wrong...this was really a neat place, but we were exhausted and so incredibly sweaty and hot that we were ready to get off the island quickly. We didn't get to enjoy exploring it as much as I know we would have because of the heat, but it was neat.

We were going to try and get on the train next so we could ride it around and let Aaron nap, but they didn't allow strollers...and it wasn't air conditioned...so we decided not to do that. Instead, we called Trisha, and they were in line to meet Peter Pan. Right when we found them, they were next in line for pictures and autographs, so that worked out well! The kids were able to get autographs from Peter Pan and Wendy and then got their pic taken with them.

After that, we headed back to the resort for naps and swimming. While I was napping with Aaron, Van and Evan went out and took a bunch of photos of our resort. Such a neat place! Evan had an "Itzakadoozie" ice cream for a snack and loved every bit of it!

Later that afternoon, instead of going back to Magic Kingdom, we decided to celebrate our last night at Disney at Downtown Disney instead. We ate at Wolfgang Puck's Express (delicious!) and had the best brownie I have EVER tasted! We went to a Christmas shop and bought a cute little mouse ears ornament for our tree and visited some other shops. We went to a ginormous toy store, and I filled up a box with Mr. Potato Head parts....I thought the boys wanted to do this, but they were distracted with all the other toys, so I filled up the box myself. I had fun picking out all the little outfits and things I wanted for Mr. Potato Head for when we got home. He now has a Buzz Lightyear outfit and a Mr. Incredible outfit, along with Mickey ears and some other accessories. So stylish.

We visited Goofy's Candy Co. and filled up a bag of candy for way too much money. Posed for some pictures and went to the Lego Store. It's amazing what they can build out of Legos! The boys had fun playing in the outside area, building with every Lego imaginable. We passed by a super cool restaurant, the T-Rex Restaurant...kinda like a Rainforest Cafe but all dino stuff. Way cool. Wish we could've seen inside. We went to a few other shops and then headed back to the resort for bed. A great last night.

To see pics from Day 7, please CLICK HERE.

Only 1 more day to blog about, and then I'll be done with the Disney review! :)


Rosemary said...

Jenny, just seeing all the happy smiles makes my heart smile!!You guys did a lot considering how hot it was while you were here!!..Thank you again for sharing your vacation memories and photos!!

erin said...

Fun how you got all of those autographs along the way!