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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

**This Just In!!!**

I could just piddle in my pants!!!!!!! I am so excited I can barely even type!!!!

Okay, so I have turned into my mother and am an avid watcher of HGTV now. Well, there is this one designer on HGTV whom I have watched several times on several shows and just LOOOOOVE his work. Seriously, I've never disliked anything he's ever designed. He used to be on "Clean Sweep", and more recently had his own show called "Rate My Space." I'm talking about Angelo Surmelis. The totally talented, awesome room designer!

So, I've followed his blog for a while, and he announced a contest a while back about a "Search & Rescue" Room Makeover sweepstakes. To enter, you had to enter an essay about how the recession has limited your ability to design your home.

Well, I entered and wrote an essay on when our house flooded and how that caused us to not have enough money to really establish our living room/dining room/office area the way we want to (it's kinda all one big room).

So, I received an email today that said out of 6,000 applicants, my essay was selected to be in the top 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next step is: I have to send them a pic of my room with either me or a loved one it it. Naturally, I will choose to sit my boys in the room for the pic. :)

So, then they will take the top 100 photos and put them on their Facebook page. Then, my friends/contacts are supposed to go leave comments under my room photo...the one with the most comments automatically gets in the top 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commenting starts on Nov. 20. I will let you all know when it's ready and when comments can officially start. PLEASE help me out with this if you have a FB page...this would be an absolute dream come true for me, and can you imagine the scrapbook pages I could do with this remodel?!?!?!? LOL

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AmesOx said...

That is SO exciting!! Congrats :-) I will be watching for the post and I will definately be there voting for you!